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Interested in Recruitment Process Outsourcing? We can help.

We will work with you on an outsourced recruitment basis, essentially being fully responsible for your recruitment function over a 12-month term. We will function as an extension of your Recruitment Department for specified recruitment needs on a fixed-price, defined-period basis. SWGi offers this service on a time and materials (hourly) and fixed-price (deliverables) basis. We provide the people, the tools and the expertise to get the job done from the inside out. 

We also offer Vendor Management Services where you use us to manage your staffing supply chain, essentially quarterbacking the resources of as many other staffing suppliers as required. This is enabled and supported with advanced ATS, billing and reporting technology and ensures your company has maximum (yet manageable) exposure in the employment marketplace.

Talk to a SWGi Representative today about your Recruitment Process Outsourcing and Vendor Management System options.

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