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SWGi understands full-time and contract candidates have different goals and aspirations. In today's competitive job market our emphasis on a quality vs. commodity approach to recruiting ensures a much better fit between your firm and the SWGi candidate you hire. 

Our focus on “fit” revolves around a clear and qualified understanding of what the employer and the candidate are each looking for. We ensure your time is spent effectively, not wasted pursuing candidates who don’t fit with your organization.

By allowing us to become a recruiting extension of your company, you can concentrate on your core job responsibilities without being burdened by sifting through dozens or hundreds of unqualified resumes. To make the process even easier, we provide a detailed summary of every candidate we submit, outlining the candidate's reason for looking, salary/rate requirement, availability, location preference, etc.

Contingency-based Services: 
This is a standard approach in the recruitment industry, and we provide this service to selective Employer Clients. This option allows you to tap into our large and active network of candidates and you only incur a fee if we find someone you decide to hire. You risk nothing, and can always go back to your original recruitment methods if you don’t like the people we introduce you to. Our fees and guarantees are highly competitive.

Retained & Volume Full-time Staffing: 
There are occasions when your hiring intentions need to be secret, or maybe you find yourself needing to hire a team rapidly. Our retainer and project staffing programs are designed to mitigate risk, deliver on tight deadlines and offer substantial ROI. Talk to us about your situation and we’ll help you determine if this approach is right for you

Talent Attraction or Talent Acquisition?
Your company may have an effective candidate screening process, great training and talent management initiatives but hiring has always started with identifying, then attracting the right people to interview and hire. Talent Identification and Talent Attraction have to happen before you can “acquire the talent”.

Most companies who are ready to hire are ready to hire now. Talent attraction takes time, and you already know time is money. Can you afford to take one, two or even three months just to find people worth interviewing? If you’re like most, the answer is no. So, before you place your next job ad or tweet your next opportunity, talk to us.

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