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SWGi is focused on serving the needs of our clients. We provide staffing expertise for all of your full-time and contract employment needs.

Our Approach:

  • First, we discuss your requirements and gain a first-hand understanding of your environment and needs. We ask the questions that enable the right candidates to be identified faster.
  • Next we launch a strategic sourcing process that combines web initiatives, referral generation and active candidate solicitation. This multi-faceted approach allows us to source the best candidates possible.
  • Finally, candidates are thoroughly qualified and interviewed to verify their abilities, experiences and potential.

In today's competitive job market our emphasis on a quality vs. commodity approach to recruiting ensures a much better fit between your firm and the SWGi candidate you hire.

By allowing us to become a recruiting extension of your company, you can concentrate on your core job responsibilities without being burdened (and slowed down) by sifting through dozens or hundreds of unqualified resumes. To make the process even easier, we provide a detailed summary of every candidate we submit, outlining the candidate's reason for looking, salary/rate requirement, availability, location preference, etc.

When you decide to hire a SWGi candidate, we conduct and/or provide comprehensive screening and assessment support including:

  • Resume verification and reference checks;
  • Security, criminal, credit and education checks;
  • Psychometric testing; and
  • Drug testing (where applicable).
SWGi is an active member of a large network of senior recruiters and we have extended reach into the specialized communities of candidates your organization requires.

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